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Clutch Magazine presented a new study, which finds that black men are more likely to suffer from depression as they experience greater economic success. This is shocking news in a society that equates money with happiness. But it seems that not even greater wealth can magically erase the emotional harm caused by the increased exposure to racism that career growth can bring.

With more and more African American men losing their jobs, new research from the National Survey of American Life showing poor Black men at high risk for depression does not come as much of a shock. But what is raising many eyebrows is the survey’s other notable finding: affluent black men are at higher risk for depression than those on the other end of the income spectrum.

According to the recent survey, black males who earn $80,000 and more were more likely to report symptoms of depression than those who made $17,000 and below.

What can we do ensure that this trend does not continue?


Today I was flipping through one of my favorite magazines and this ad caught my attention. So I began to wonder what exactly was WELLS FARGO attempting to convey. Is it a son and father shopping or is it homosexual couple ? Please keep in mind the ad is about a joint checking account. I would love feedback.

Do you find this anti-abortion billboard offensive? Or is it a pro-life message that hits the mark?




Please keep the following in mind:

Billboard placed in SoHo near one of three Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in New York City blared – “The most dangerous place for an African American is the womb.”

According to, in a press release, Life Always explained that the billboard campaign is designed to raise public awareness of Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minority neighborhoods. It comes just weeks after the New York City Health Department released its annual Vital Statistics Report, which revealed a 41% abortion rate – nearly twice the national average.

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We’ve all come across a black woman who is super aggressive, but why is it that they’re so angry?

The bitter black woman cannot be dismissed as a myth.  She is real and odds are you’ve met her at least once before.   She is woman whose presence seems to suck the life out of you, her outlook threatens to you.

How the Black man Feels when Confronted by the BITTER BLACK WOMAN....

She is a woman who has walls built with steel, a rare laugh and a narrow smile that might crack if the emotion behind it was real.  She is the Grinch of black women, surrounded by cobwebs and draped in the memories and hurt of her past.

What can we do to change this?

By now, of course we all know the story of Martin Luther King Jr, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Frederick Douglass. But truth be told, I have grown tired of the constant public push for us (black people) to learn about these same people.

Now, ask yourself: What is the mystery of Black History? Are we being brainwashed to only get a limited view of OUR own HISTORY…???

Everyday...all YEAR..embrace our culture

Heres somethings you should Know:

  • Nathaniel Alexander was the first to patent the folding chair. His invention was designed to be used in schools, churches and at large social gatherings.
  • C.B. Brooks invented the street sweeper in 1896. It was a truck equipped with brooms.
  • Joseph Lee invented a bread-making machine that mixed the ingredients and kneaded the dough in 1895.
  • Scientist and mathematician Benjamen Banneker is credited with helping to design the blueprints for Washington, D.C.

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Hip-hop and Rap has some kind of hypnotic control over young children. Young children somehow believe that the things these rappers sing about are good, since the rappers are now rich and famous. These kids think that what the rapper says, including drugs and violence, is ok. Research conducted by the California Institute of Integral Studies say that teens between 13-17 years of age spend 4-5 hours listening to some kind of music. Music influences the mind, the mind makes decisions, thus music plays a huge role in the decisions made by African American children.

Hip-hop is supposed to uplift and create,to educate people on alarger level and to make a change.”

—–Doug E. Fresh