Successful Black Men are more prone to Depression than those who aren’t!!!

Posted: 09/03/2011 in Uncategorized

Clutch Magazine presented a new study, which finds that black men are more likely to suffer from depression as they experience greater economic success. This is shocking news in a society that equates money with happiness. But it seems that not even greater wealth can magically erase the emotional harm caused by the increased exposure to racism that career growth can bring.

With more and more African American men losing their jobs, new research from the National Survey of American Life showing poor Black men at high risk for depression does not come as much of a shock. But what is raising many eyebrows is the survey’s other notable finding: affluent black men are at higher risk for depression than those on the other end of the income spectrum.

According to the recent survey, black males who earn $80,000 and more were more likely to report symptoms of depression than those who made $17,000 and below.

What can we do ensure that this trend does not continue?

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