Homosexuality or a Father & Son???

Posted: 07/03/2011 in Uncategorized

Today I was flipping through one of my favorite magazines and this ad caught my attention. So I began to wonder what exactly was WELLS FARGO attempting to convey. Is it a son and father shopping or is it homosexual couple ? Please keep in mind the ad is about a joint checking account. I would love feedback.

  1. B'Divine says:


  2. ccgamble says:

    I think so as well. Then again they set it up in a way where its totally up to the reader to make judgements. Either way, very tasteful.

  3. B'Divine says:

    One, looking at the faces of these men and acessing their ages it is clear that they are not father and son. Also ‘when two accounts become one’… now u know, that an adult son is not merging his account with his fathers!

  4. LaScott says:

    Ummmh…can they be roommates….maybe?? I don’t see the father son look at all. Or they could be brothers..whom have very different life styles and join their accounts when it comes to bills and etc..

  5. AJ Johnson says:

    deff. couple!!

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