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Do you find this anti-abortion billboard offensive? Or is it a pro-life message that hits the mark?




Please keep the following in mind:

Billboard placed in SoHo near one of three Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in New York City blared – “The most dangerous place for an African American is the womb.”

According to, in a press release, Life Always explained that the billboard campaign is designed to raise public awareness of Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minority neighborhoods. It comes just weeks after the New York City Health Department released its annual Vital Statistics Report, which revealed a 41% abortion rate – nearly twice the national average.

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  1. AJ Johnson says:


  2. I think I will refer first to the womb … it has been stated several times that the number 1 reason AF individuals die is abortion, yet the billboard is offensive but necessary. When discussing statistics we have to know that there are relative to situational resources for instants if they surveyed only 100 AF women and a majority have them have had an abortion then the fact is true among those that was surveyed. The thing with that is scientifically those numbers will be taken and applied to the whole. The message itself is kind of offensive to me. I believe women should have the ability to educational decide what to do in an event that a child’s birth is unconventional for them at them moment. My question how much of statistics should we believe; and when it comes to the billboard in question, is this another plot to eradicate black individuals or a plot to cause the lowering of black individuals’ standard of living? Children are expensive, should one be forced to carry a burden that the family cannot afford.

  3. B'Divine says:

    This is a bunch of BS plane and simple. While statistically the statement on the bilboard is true, it is not the truth. The truth is there is a covert eugenics campaign in this country set in play about 150 years ago. Watch Maafa 21. If you have never heard of Margaret Sanger get familiar. And know that alot of thier medical advances are made possible because of these abortions. In no way am I excusing the irresponsible sister who continuse abortion as a means of birth control. I’m only stating if you are goin to kill the tree swinging at the branches isn’t goin to do it. you have to go for the roots.

    About 5 years ago I had the displeasure of going to a planned parenthood center for a pregnancy test. I KNOW what happens in these places. The staff the tried there damnedest to get me to “weight my options” If I had not known the nature of this institution, if I had not known that the Black woman is the mother of civilization and with out us nothing is possible, if i were not as well read I could have easly gave into their coercion.

  4. ccgamble says:

    Brilliant Points are made by the both of you!!!

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