The Black History Mystery

Posted: 14/02/2011 in Uncategorized
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By now, of course we all know the story of Martin Luther King Jr, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Frederick Douglass. But truth be told, I have grown tired of the constant public push for us (black people) to learn about these same people.

Now, ask yourself: What is the mystery of Black History? Are we being brainwashed to only get a limited view of OUR own HISTORY…???

Everyday...all YEAR..embrace our culture

Heres somethings you should Know:

  • Nathaniel Alexander was the first to patent the folding chair. His invention was designed to be used in schools, churches and at large social gatherings.
  • C.B. Brooks invented the street sweeper in 1896. It was a truck equipped with brooms.
  • Joseph Lee invented a bread-making machine that mixed the ingredients and kneaded the dough in 1895.
  • Scientist and mathematician Benjamen Banneker is credited with helping to design the blueprints for Washington, D.C.

For more information on Black History facts that YOU DIDNT KNOW visit: BLACK HISTORY FACTS via

  1. melly mel! says:

    loving the blog site homie!

  2. melly mel! says:

    loving the blog homie!

  3. J-Ho says:

    As far as we learning our history beyond Martin and Rosa….we have to inquire ourselves….as of right now it’s not gonna be voluntarily taught because in order for us to move forward we have to know where we came from and THEY dont want us to get ahead in society for fear that we will corrupt it and the way we act as a people gives them every right to feel that way. Until we take ourselves seriously, no one else will…and its not all black people…but it’s enough to make other cultures form an opinion about our character

  4. B'Divine says:

    Black history month as we know it is an illusion. History is not random facts on inventers, preachers, and athletes. The function of history is to the put human experience in context, and allows us to understand condition and ouselves as a people and a culture. Black history week (which turned into a month) was started by Carter G Woodson and upon reading his popular work The Miseducation of the Negro one would realize this stuff that we are do to celebrate is hardley what he had in mind. As a people we will never go anywhere if our history starts on a slave ship. So to answer the question, emphatically yes. However, it is up to us. There are “African American” people under the illusion that slavery saved us from savagery, which is a total misconception. Look at our long history with these people… it is insane to think they have our best interest in mind.

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