MYTH: There’s no such thing as a BITTER BLACK WOMAN. TRUTH: YES!!! There IS!!

Posted: 14/02/2011 in Uncategorized

We’ve all come across a black woman who is super aggressive, but why is it that they’re so angry?

The bitter black woman cannot be dismissed as a myth.  She is real and odds are you’ve met her at least once before.   She is woman whose presence seems to suck the life out of you, her outlook threatens to you.

How the Black man Feels when Confronted by the BITTER BLACK WOMAN....

She is a woman who has walls built with steel, a rare laugh and a narrow smile that might crack if the emotion behind it was real.  She is the Grinch of black women, surrounded by cobwebs and draped in the memories and hurt of her past.

What can we do to change this?

  1. LaScott says:

    Is there a cure for this type of woman?? I don’t think so..because black women as a whole deal with so much and many cannot handle what is being thrown at them.

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